b. 1965, in Rome. Lives in Brussels.
Education: PhD in Communication and Information Sciences.  

Raised between Rome and Florence, molded by a family culture governed by art, politics and public policies, unsurprisingly I took the risk of developing several inclinations at once. My artistic focus is on organic, living matter: its orderly and chaotic patterns, its quantitative color relationships, its light-shaped volumes. By broadening reality, digitally and in studio, or by getting closer to its true - often non figurative - substance, I study both the aesthetic response to our natural environment and, through that, a set of policy issues, such as biodiversity, conservation, circular economy. Ernst Haas' color work in "The Creation", discovered in my teen years, Minor White's Gestalt inspired pictures, Stieglitz's equivalents, German expressionists 'strong harmonies', Schiele's tertiary colors palettes inform my work, together with the Dutch Golden Age still lifes with flowers, Guido Mocafico or Oliviero Toscani advertising lighting techniques. In my more personal work, one can recognize formal decisions inspired by (or quoted from) contemporary, mostly European, photojournalists such as Paolo Verzone, Denis Daillaux, Paolo Pellizzari, Paolo Woods, Cedric Gerbehaye, Steeve Juncker, Rip Hopkins. I tend to produce my works in the formats of medium and large format photography, often with a preference for panoramic ratios. My practice develops along with my art history studies. 


2020 Nominee (Fine Art), Fine Art Photography Awards (7th Edition FAPA)
2019 Two "Honorable Mentions" (Fine Art and Photojournalism), Chromatic Awards,
2019 "Honorable Mention" (Editorial, General News) Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA)
2019 Two "Honorable Mention" (Editorial / Press : Photo Essay / Feature Story - Fine Art : Abstract), International Photography Awards (IPA)
2019 Nominee (Fine Art), Fine Art Photography Awards (5th Edition FAPA)
2018 Two "Honorable Mentions" (Photojournalism), Monochrome Awards
2017 "Honorable Mention" International Photography Awards (IPA)
2016 Third place Winner (Social Cause) in the International Photography Awards (IPA)
2016 3rd Place Winner in Photojournalism, "Honorable Mention" (Fine Art), Monochrome Awards
2016 Two "Honorable Mentions", (Nature/Macro) International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY)
2016 Two "Honorable Mentions", Neutral Density Awards
2016 Two "Honorable Mentions", Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)
2015 Finalist, D&AD Next Photographer Award 2015 (UK)  
2015 “Honorable Mention” in the International Photography Awards (IPA)
2015 Third place Winner (Photojournalism/Story) in the International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY)
2015 Shortlisted 1650 Gallery (Juried Photography Exhibition URBAN LANDSCAPES - L.A. - USA), LACDA (Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art)
2015 Shortlisted Exposure Award (Inclusion in the Documentary Collection and in the Exposure Awards Book resulting from this year award)
2015 Shortlisted URBAN2015 Award ("PORTFOLIO & STORIES")